Friday, July 3, 2015

Vintage Crochet Hanger Tutorial

You will need: A wooden hanger, 2 different colors of light weight yarn, crochet hook, darning needle and a pair of scissors.
The kids just stepped in through the door from their last day of school and the sun is beating hard on our vegetable patch. It is summer and vacation can start. For real! It is a great feeling and although I won't be around much here this summer I have prepared the Vintage Crochet Hanger Tutorial for you as I promised. This is a perfect lazy vacation day project and like I said in my blog post before - this is the type of project the ticks every single joyful box for a crochet and yarn lover. So gather your stuff and make some. 

You will need:
• Yarn of light weight 3-4ply, sports weight or lighter (I have used Tilda yarn )

• Crochet hook recommended by the yarn (I used a hook 2,5 mm/ C in US)
• A pair of scissors
• Darning needle
• Wooden hanger approx 16,5 inches/42 cm long. Can be found in most department stores.


UK/US ch - chain UK/US  
dc/sc - double crochet UK/single crochet US
tr/dc - treble UK/double crochet US

PS To print this tutorial, drag and drop the Tutorial picture below, on to your desk top and then print it in full scale. 


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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Building memories

There are a few things about every season that makes your childhood memories come alive. Often they are connected to one of our senses, may it be visual, something we smell, hear or feel. Like picking wild strawberries from the side of the road. We picked many. A whole plate full and when Nelly tasted her first bursting red wild strawberry she cried out in delight:
"Mama! It tastes of Sweden! And they smell so good. Smell them Mama! So sweet. Try one!"

And I tried one and I was brought back to when I was 11 and picking wild strawberries at my Dad's summer house. I remember exactly where on the curvy dirt road it was and I remember the cows grazing near by. I can even remember the denim shoes with white laces I was wearing at the time. And my blue and white stripy T-shirt. And I remember the excitement of finding not just one but filling up a long straw of red delight. And I sure remember the sweet and intense fragrance of wild strawberries in a coffee cup. That is something very special indeed. It is the moments that counts. Building memories. Every day.


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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Swedish guest cottage

... for summer vacation and the simplicity that comes with it. No Internet, no million channel satellite TV. No checking emails, we all reconnect with real life. Days begin, pass and end with no direction taken... We improvise and take one thing at the time.We eat ice cream. We get bitten by mosquitos. We get sand in our flip flops and we wear the same pair of shorts for 3 weeks straight... Why not? Who cares?

We wake up, open up the door of our small guest cottage and smell the morning dew. This is where we stay, me, Jay and the kids. It is small but lovely, the kids share the bunk bed and the day bed becomes a double bed for us (me and Jay) at night.

Last year I decorated the cottage a bit. With some thrifted hooks and paintings, a Darling Crochet Flower Garland and a crocheted lamp cover this place has become a really cozy spot. This year the cottage needs another layer of paint, maybe some curtains. A fence around the porch... Even though we have our own place this year, I think we will spend a lot of time here still. I can't wait... 3 more weeks to go.


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