Saturday, October 25, 2014

Walking for peace of mind

Living in Switzerland is good. This country is so pretty and overwhelmingly well taken care of. Clean. Colorful. Historic with fantastic nature and dramatic landscapes. But I have to say, living close to Lac Leman, also known as Lake Geneva, is essential to me. The lake makes me feel close to the coast even though I am stuck in the middle of Europe. It opens up with the big Alps on the other side, which comfortable makes you feel safe. It makes me feel free, like I can take off on an adventure any day I want.

It takes me about 10 minutes to drive down from the Jura mountains where I live, to a pretty village called Rolle, and this is a wonderful place for a stroll on a sunny Friday afternoon. Yesterday was such a beautiful autumn day with sun and clear blue skies. A little bit frisky and very refreshing. The mountains could be viewed behind the haze and the beach walk was quiet and calm. Not many people was out, which is very rare here.

I truly enjoy these moments that I capture and just enjoy my surroundings to see the beauty in life. Often I am so caught up in every day chores and often stressed to the bones that I seem to hold my breath for days in a row. How can someone survive that, I wonder, when I slowly walk, breathe and snap off iPhone pics along my walk. How can someone not suffocate when put all that pressure on themselves.

I should really do this more often. Maybe it is time to catch up with my Come Walk With Me (Check the cathegory Come Walk With Me for more information) mission I once started a few years back. Because taking a walk is an investment in life, health and peace of mind. So why don't we do it more often? Take a break, a walk for peace of mind.


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Visiting my roots

Hellooooo! I am here. I am exhausted after our vacation in Sweden, the summer house purchase, visits with banks and realtors, birthday parties, girls' night out, shopping, traveling...  And on top of that a Blogging Your Way e-course, the photography course and last but not least - a nasty cold...  I am complete wreck but oh my, what a great time we have had. Sweden - forever and ever my big love.

The red cottages with white corners, the curvy narrow roads, the fields and woods in the most beautiful autumn color tones. How beautiful autumn can be at its peak.

Stockholm. So exquisite, so elegant, so absolutely majestic. The capital of Sweden never fails to impress me with its cute color blocks of houses, the wonderful architecture dating all the way back to the 13th century, the water and bridges connecting all the islands together to become a charming big city, not overwhelming big but just perfect. My heart is exploding with pride and love that this is where my roots come from. If you've never been to Stockholm or Sweden you should have that on your list of destinations. You will be astonished by its beauty and you won't regret it for a minute. Stockholm has it all and even more.

And no, I am not paid by the Swedish Tourist Center to write this blog post. I just speak straight from my heart because something happens when you emigrate. When you move abroad and leave it all behind you might not reflect so much about your home country and the losses at first as everything is so exciting and you have to adjust to so many new things like culture, language, infra structure, politics and bureaucracy. But after a while you notice something new on your trips back home. Because it will always remain home, no matter how many years you will live abroad.

You come home with the eyes of a visitor and you suddenly see the beauty in a new way. Maybe it is the longing of something lost, the sentimentality that makes you remembers only the good (the bad and the ugly are since long ago forgotten...). You see colors and shapes, streets and people in a more exotic way, like they are all new although they are so comfortably old and well known. It is like magic and I have enjoyed every second of being a visitor of my roots.


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Monday, October 13, 2014

I'm off

Everything has to wait. I'm leaving on a jet plane and won't be back until next week again.

The Swedish translation of The Nordic Wrist Warmers and The Popcorn & Lace Pillow and The Popcorn & Lace Square has to wait a bit longer.

The blog posts will come to a slight stall for a week.

I won't be able to respond to emails in an instant.

I won't be able to process any Tilda yarn orders this week.

No, all My Rose Valley business has to pause for a bit because we are going to Sweden, to our paradise peninsula outside Stockholm, to sign the contract on a cute little summer house, just 50 meters from my brother's summer house. Isn't that fantastic? My Swedish family is growing and we all need more space. And I am delighted to own my very own "Rosendalen", or Rose Valley as we say in English.

And when traveling you need to pick a great crochet project to bring, which often can be a struggle as you really would like to bring it all. But that is not possible right? So my advice, for anyone traveling, is to pick a project with a minimum of colors. If you are making a Gypsy Blanket you will have to bring a suitcase extra just to hold all your yarn... Not a great idea.

I am bringing this new shawl project from the wonderful book Puur Haken, written by Maaike at CreJJtion. It is her first crochet book and it is a divine to flick through and the projects are so much fun. And even if the book is in Dutch I have managed to make a few projects already with help from the beautiful diagrams and Google Translate. So a lace shawl in darkest grey it will be, for all my black dresses this winter. I will add a pinkish border at the end. Will look smashing! Have  a wonderful week everyone.

Au Revoir! Hasta Luego! Auf Wiedersehen! På återseende!
Until we meet again!


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Friday, October 10, 2014

Bring out the trash, please.

It is Friday morning. A gloomy Friday morning. The sky is heavy grey and the ground is wet from rain. Friday is garbage collecting day.

At 7.35am Nelly Bo (12 soon 13) walks out the door. Making sure she has money for lunch, her test signed and a snack packed...

25 minutes later Luca Bo (10) walks out the door. Making sure I have packed his lunch, that he has his snack and all his school books in his bag.

At 8.20am I get ready to take Emmy Bo (7) to school on my bike. I open the door and I can not believe that the garbage bags are still standing there - on the step, RIGHT in front of the door - untouched.

The thought of seeing 2 children leaving the house, jumping OVER the trash (if not FALLING over it as they rush out the door) NOT bringing the trash when walking down the road to the pick up point, makes me laugh. I can't do anything else although this will be a subject to discuss at dinner tonight.

No instructions were given. I just thought, in my humble and maybe sheepish way as a mother, that putting the garbage in a place that would force my, at this point very mature children, to stumble over it would signal to their brains that:
"Aha! It is garbage day. I'll pick up a bag and bring it with me down the road."

Well, I failed on that one didn't I? Ha ha ha! Lesson learned. Communication is essential, no reading mind techniques work... So what now? I guess I am bringing the trash down the road. Happy Friday!


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