Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Swedish memories - the dinners with family

Having a chef in the family really helps when gathering my family. I am the only daughter of 7 kids in total you see. A normal number of people gathering is probably about 15 and to feed 15 people breakfast, lunch and dinner every day is a big job. Lucky enough this is the highlight of the year for Jay who happily spends hours preparing the most beautiful food for us all to indulge, come new caught fish or a homemade burgers on the grill by the beach... Dinner is a special time of the day.

This year was exceptional, I am not sure why. Maybe it was the incredible hot summer days with really warm long evenings that made it so special. Or just the fact that this year everything just worked well. The kids are older and more independent, not only when it comes to play but also more mature in what to eat and when. The days rolled on without obstacles, food melt downs or sugar crashes. Even though ice cream was on the daily menu as well as sweets and coffee bread, cookies and chips. And Jay's food of course... I have to say I thank my lucky star to have been blessed with such a talented cook as a husband. I've learned so much about food and cooking and I have grown to love food more than I ever did before meeting him. Nothing beats a great dinner with loved ones.


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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Just a few more days of sunshine, please...

Ever since coming back home from our most wonderful Sweden vacation, the weather has been taking down that great summer spirit in us... Grey, grey, grey... Cold, cold, cold... Rain, rain, rain. Weather is essential for a happy spirit indeed. I can feel it more than ever right now.

So when the weather is this awful what can we do? Well, I am packing a little playing around crochet project from before the summer and heading south. Destination Bandol, France. The French Riviera. Because we deserve just a few more days of sunshine before "real life" kicks in.

Just a few more days of jumping in the pool and peeking on my kids under the brim of my sun hat. Just a few more days of reading a great Swedish novel and alternate it with some crochet play.
Just a few more days of leisure living of not thinking, worrying or caring about boring stuff like house chores, dinner, upcoming school start and bills to be paid.
I am soooo gonna enjoy these next 3 days in southern France. Au revoir!


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Friday, August 15, 2014

Swedish memories - the evening swims

Did you know that Sweden this year became the new Mediterranean? Did you know that this summer Sweden had the warmest and most sunny weather in 20 years? Little did we know before we left, packing jackets and jeans, long sleeves and trainers in case of rain and chilly winds... Little did we know we only would have needed 2 sets of swimwear, flip-flops, shorts, T-shirt and a couple of beach towels...

We remember the evening swims on the dock, we can smell the air and see the mirror calm water in the bay in our minds. The settling sun while papa Jay was fishing. We remember the taste of the brackish (salty and sweet) water on our lips and we can still feel the sensation of freedom when jumping in to the refreshing water to wash off the day off our skin before going to bed at night.

Afterwards we bundle up in towels and sit down to escape into the quietness, only hearing fish jumping in the reed, the spinning noise from the fishing rod being rolled in or another family down the coastline screaming of delight over the bay when doing the same thing as us.

This year was magical. A lot of memories has been made. It is hard to choose what to share. The photos are many. But most of all the memories are in my head, in my heart, and my soul. And I know this summer will be a very special memory to treasure for a lifetime.


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The winner!

Congratulations Ma Broeders
You have won the wonderful book Haken & Kleur and a yarny surprise!
Thanks for playing along everyone. It has been a joy to read about your favorite colors and brought so many new ideas of color combos to my mind. Fantastic!!!

If you didn't win but still want to purchase Haken & kleur you can find the book
on following web sites:



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